May 17: SIR 20 July offer - US$1750/mt FOB BEL SBY May 17: Indonesian cup lump trade - IDR 25500 /mt kg ex-work May 17: Thai cup lump trade - THB 56-THB 59/mt kg ex-work May 17: Thai Field latex trade - THB 76.5-THB 78/mt kg ex-work May17: Thai latex June offer - US$1560-US$1600/mt FOB BKK LCM May 16: AFR 10 May to July offer- US$1680-US$1700/mt CIF HH/RTM May 16: SIR 20 July trade - US$1745-US$1750/mt FOB BEL SBY May 16: STR 20 July offer - US$1740-US$1750/mt FOB BKK LCM May 15: SIR 20 July/August trade - US$1725-US$1730/mt FOB BEL SBY May 15: SIR 20 July bid - US$1725/mt FOB BEL SBY May 15: Thai Field latex trade - THB 76-THB 76.5/mt kg ex-work May 15: STR 20 Mixture May trade - US$1645-US$1655/mt CIF China May 15: STR 20 July offer - US$1720-US$1730/mt FOB BKK LCM May 14: AFR 10 May to July offer- US$1660-US$1670/mt CIF HH/RTM May 14: SVR 10 June offer - US$1650/mt FOB HCM May 14: SIR 20 July trade - US$1720/mt FOB BEL SBY May 14: SIR 20 August bid - US$1700-US$1715/mt FOB BEL SBY May 14: SIR 20 August offer - US$1730/mt FOB BEL SBY May 14: STR 20 Mixture May bid - US$1640/mt CIF China May 13: SVR 10 June offer - US$1650/mt FOB HCM May 13: STR 20 Mixture May/June trade - US$1630-US$1640/mt CIF China

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