06 May 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - H2 April 2022

Bearish sentiment for rubber prices continued for the rest of the April as concerns around the dissipating demand weigh on the spot market across the board. The economic fallout in China owing to the country's Covid-Zero strategy coupled with lower-than-expected stimulus weighed on the market sentiments. Even though China’s economy expanded 4.8% in Q1 of 2022, much of that growth was recorded in January and February.


18 Apr 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - H1 April 2022

Bear global sentiments continued to weigh on the spot rubber market across the board. With increasing cases of Covid in China and tightening of restrictions, the buying sentiment took a hit.


07 Apr 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 2H Mar 2022

The overall spot rubber market was largely bearish in the second half of March amid the continued tensions between Russia and Ukraine, while the fresh outbreak of Covid cases in China added to the woes.


14 Mar 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 1H Mar 2022

Spot rubber market awaits clarity on Russia-Ukraine war, Thai rubber producers’ margin under pressure, Thailand’s rubber production for 2021 likely to be around 4.9 million tons, up 1.82%


16 Feb 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 2H Feb 2022

Early wintering in Thailand drives raw material prices north, African rubber stays strong amid wintering, Indo finds Japanese buying support, Malaysian rubber production drop 8.7% in 2021


05 Feb 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 1H Feb 2022

Low long term contract booking weighs on Indo prices, African rubber stays strong, Thai and Indo takes a dip, Thailand sees 9.4% rise rubber export in October 2021


19 Jan 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 2H Jan 2022

AFR 10 prices rebound on US demand, Leaves disease & early wintering forecast reverses STR and SIR premiums, Malaysian rubber production drops 26%


01 Dec 2021

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 1H Dec 2021

Higher LTC numbers highlight futures & physical prices de-link, Processed rubber prices for all the sources northbound, Higher STR 20 prices open arbitrage for AFR 10 & SVR


15 Nov 2021

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 2H Nov 2021

SIR 20 manages to regain the premium over STR 20, Long term contract negotiations for 2022 begin, Rains in Thailand disrupt supply again


03 Nov 2021

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 1H Nov 2021

STR 20 expensive than SIR 20 first since November 2020, China’s speculative buying send rubber market reeling, ANRPC lowers its global production and demand forecast


03 Nov 2021

Annual Margin Report FY2021 - Indonesia

The slowdown in the global economy on account of the Covid-19 outbreak slowed the demand and impacted the production level. However, the Indonesian government and the major producers are working to improve the factor conditions and margins.