Sept 30: Thai raw material trade - THB 39 - THB 44.5/kg ex-works Sept 30: STR 10 December trade - US$1395/mt FOB BKK LCB Sept 30: STR 20 December offer - US$1355/mt FOB BKK LCB Sept 30: STR 20 December bid - US$1345/mt FOB BKK LCB Sept 30: Indonesian raw material trade - IDR 18,000- IDR 18,500/kg ex-works Sept 30: SIR 20 December offer - US$1340/mt FOB BEL SBY Sept 30: SIR 20 December bid - US$1335/mt FOB BEL SBY Sept 30: SIR 20 January/February trade - US$1350/mt FOB BEL SBY Sept 30: SIR 20 December trade - US$1335/mt FOB BEL SBY Sept 29: STR 20 Octover offer - US$1350/mt FOB BKK LCB Sept 29: STR Mixture 20 November arrival trade - US$1375/mt CIF China


JPX Weekly

19 Sep 2022

JPX | Japan Rubber Futures Weekly Report: 12– 16 September 2022

Futures prices saw an increase over the past week after weeks of consistent selling since the start of August. Some positive economic data was seen from China with the lockdown in Chengdu being lifted along with better-than-expected Industrial Production and an increase in Retail Sales in August. These factors may have prompted some short covering behaviour especially in SHFE/INE as a net fall in volume and open interest was seen. The CPI from the US for August was higher than market expectations at 8.3%, further increasing the expectation of a 75bps rate hike at the FOMC meeting this week.


06 Sep 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - H2 August 2022

The spot rubber prices plunged by 5-7% across the basket over the fortnight as the market failed to assess the floor. The European tire sector has been seeing some setbacks and drops in demand amid sanctions, production cutbacks, rising costs, monetary policy tightening, and a potential recession. Unfortunately, the situation has seemed to have aggravated lately. The supply of carbon black and the high energy prices would impact the European tire market. In addition, the uncertainty of the natural gas supply impacted the chemical industry and caused issues with the production of the majority of rubber compound ingredients.

JPX Weekly

06 Sep 2022

JPX | Japan Rubber Futures Weekly Report: 29 August – 2 September 2022

The preceding week saw an increase in volume amidst a continued downward spiral in prices across the exchanges. Bearish sentiment across the markets remains due to increased expectations of future rate hikes and recessionary fears. China reported PMI for August this year at 49.4, below the neutral level of 50.0, signalling a slight contraction in manufacturing activity. Within China, additional cities have also imposed fresh lockdown measures due to its zero-covid policy. Major cities such as Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen have also announced additional restrictions due to a rise in COVID-19 cases. This will subsequently have an impact on Chinese GDP growth, and it is even likelier for the Chinese economy to miss the 5.5% official growth target set earlier in March this year. In Japan, a 13.3% YoY fall in vehicle sales was reported for August this year, further highlighting weak market sentiment.

JPX Weekly

23 Aug 2022

JPX | Japan Rubber Futures Weekly Report: 15 – 19 August 2022

World rubber futures closed the week lower across all exchanges as new short positions by speculators pushed the prices to the lowest level. This week, there were mountains of bearish news: China reported sluggish economic data, a weaker July Industrial production at 3.8%, and a lower July retail sales +2.75%. In addition to the zero-Covid policy, China is now facing heat waves and drought, which could affect farm production and farmers' lives. China's total vehicle sales fell to 82,235 units in July compared to the previous month of 2,420,058 units.


05 Aug 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - H2 July 2022

The weakness across the board for the spot rubber continued amid global monetary policy tightening, recessionary fears, China’s zero Covid tolerance, and slowing of economies. While the hike in Covid cases in China sapped some confidence, reports of some support for economic recovery from the COVID-19 fallout lifted the futures market sentiment. However, a similar uptick was not seen in the physical market, which remained sluggish. The inflationary pressure also weighed on the global economic sentiment, downcasting Asian currencies against the US dollar, adding to the woes. Furthermore, Thailand and Indonesia also saw multi-year high inflation rates this month.


25 Jul 2022

Margin report - H1 2022

Compounding damage from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, "Zero Covid" policy in China has amplified the slowdown in the global economy. Moreover, as per the World Bank's latest Global Economic Prospects report, the high risk of inflation and tightening monetary policy could lead to a protracted period of weak growth. All these factors boil down to the conclusion that demand and physical prices are likely to remain southbound, at least in the short-midterm period. In an industry where smallholders primarily run the production, the margin becomes of key importance.


01 Jul 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - H2 June 2022

Spot rubber buyers remained uncertain impacting the spot volume movement, especially amid wavering market confidence owing to building inflationary pressure. The western countries are too battling inflation which has kept buying limited. The Fed was looking to increase interest rates again leading to an appreciation in the U.S. dollar keeping the Chinese buyers more reluctant to buy rubber in the U.S. dollar, market sources noted.

JPX Weekly

30 Jun 2022

JPX | Japan Rubber Futures Weekly Report: 20 – 24 June 2022

World Rubber futures prices closed the week mixed in major exchanges. OSE Nov futures dropped by 0.4% with light trading volume, while the nearest month closed higher due to short-covering with stronger physical demand before the last trading date. Both SHFE and INE rubber futures inched marginally higher with heavy trading volume, but most of the buying seemed for liquidating positions.


20 Jun 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - H1 June 2022

Weak and uncertain global economic outlook continued to weigh down on spot rubber prices in the market. While the US economy is expected to slow, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen continues to insist that a full-blown recession is not inevitable. Volatility in oil prices and bearish sentiments indicated a slowdown in overall demand. As a result, the physical market activities remained largely muted, setting a "bearish undertone". Even though a dip in oil prices would translate to some tempering of the inflationary pressure, it also fuels the concerns around an economic slowdown.

JPX Weekly

17 Jun 2022

JPX | Japan Rubber Futures Weekly Report: 01 – 05 May 2022

World rubber futures prices closed the week mixed in short trading days. OSE RSS3 had two trading days for the Golden Week holidays but returned to close on Friday +0.8% higher. SHFE and INE rubber futures closed almost unchanged, while SICOM rubber futures were -2.6% due to fresh speculative selling pressure.


10 Jun 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - H2 May 2022

The overall sentiment continued to be bearish amid weakness in oil prices, inflationary pressure, and supply bottlenecks. These factors capped the rise in the Indo and Thai spot prices which saw a boost from the renewed optimism around China relaxing its covid restrictions. The market participants are continuously reassessing the possibility of continued tightening by the Fed and other central banks. There is an anticipation of a slowdown in demand which is likely to impact the spot price. Meanwhile, a slight uptick in the futures failed to prop the market confidence.


17 May 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - H1 May 2022

Spot rubber prices were largely southbound over the fortnight as the buyers and sellers remained skittish about the bearish outlook led by China’s zero-tolerance of Covid. The situation impacted the market confidence affecting the traders, warehouses, logistics, and most importers who adopt a “wait and see” approach. Furthermore, factory closures also impact tire factories and automobile factories, filtering down to demand for natural rubber.


06 May 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - H2 April 2022

Bearish sentiment for rubber prices continued for the rest of the April as concerns around the dissipating demand weigh on the spot market across the board. The economic fallout in China owing to the country's Covid-Zero strategy coupled with lower-than-expected stimulus weighed on the market sentiments. Even though China’s economy expanded 4.8% in Q1 of 2022, much of that growth was recorded in January and February.


18 Apr 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - H1 April 2022

Bear global sentiments continued to weigh on the spot rubber market across the board. With increasing cases of Covid in China and tightening of restrictions, the buying sentiment took a hit.


07 Apr 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 2H Mar 2022

The overall spot rubber market was largely bearish in the second half of March amid the continued tensions between Russia and Ukraine, while the fresh outbreak of Covid cases in China added to the woes.


14 Mar 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 1H Mar 2022

Spot rubber market awaits clarity on Russia-Ukraine war, Thai rubber producers’ margin under pressure, Thailand’s rubber production for 2021 likely to be around 4.9 million tons, up 1.82%


16 Feb 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 2H Feb 2022

Early wintering in Thailand drives raw material prices north, African rubber stays strong amid wintering, Indo finds Japanese buying support, Malaysian rubber production drop 8.7% in 2021


05 Feb 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 1H Feb 2022

Low long term contract booking weighs on Indo prices, African rubber stays strong, Thai and Indo takes a dip, Thailand sees 9.4% rise rubber export in October 2021


19 Jan 2022

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 2H Jan 2022

AFR 10 prices rebound on US demand, Leaves disease & early wintering forecast reverses STR and SIR premiums, Malaysian rubber production drops 26%


01 Dec 2021

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 1H Dec 2021

Higher LTC numbers highlight futures & physical prices de-link, Processed rubber prices for all the sources northbound, Higher STR 20 prices open arbitrage for AFR 10 & SVR


15 Nov 2021

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 2H Nov 2021

SIR 20 manages to regain the premium over STR 20, Long term contract negotiations for 2022 begin, Rains in Thailand disrupt supply again


03 Nov 2021

Helixtap Fortnightly Report - 1H Nov 2021

STR 20 expensive than SIR 20 first since November 2020, China’s speculative buying send rubber market reeling, ANRPC lowers its global production and demand forecast


03 Nov 2021

Annual Margin Report FY2021 - Indonesia

The slowdown in the global economy on account of the Covid-19 outbreak slowed the demand and impacted the production level. However, the Indonesian government and the major producers are working to improve the factor conditions and margins.